Upcoming Events in 2016

Saturday, 18 June, 2016 ENBW Watersupply - Stuttgart see below
Saturday, 16 July, 2016 Hohenasperg - ancient fortress and prison near Ludwigsburg
Sat/Sun, 13/14 Aug, 2016 Cologne - Dome, Chocolate Museum and Old Town w/dinner at a Koelsch brewery
 - train ride with overnight stay - members only - fully booked
Saturday, 17 Sept, 2016 tbd
Saturday, 01 Oct, 2016 Volksfest - Cannstatter Wasen
Saturday, 15 Oct, 2016 GDR museum, Pforzheim
Saturday, 12 Nov, 2016 Wine tasting
Saturday, 3 Dec, 2016 Christmas Dinner
Please note: Events and dates subject to change !

"Das Barbecü" on Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dear Members and Guests,

please join us at the Kelley Theater for "Das Barbecü", a Musical Comedy.

Wagner's Ring Cycle is spun as a witty Texas fable at breakneck speed. Songs run the gamut from Broadway to Texas swing, from jazz to twangy country and western. Mismatched lovers who meet on the day of their shotgun double wedding, three generations of feuding families, a magic ring of power, wild west lariat tricks, a synchronized swimming revue, a song and dance tribute to the joys of guacamole, and the sweetest two step ever to slide across a stage add up to wild comedy. (Richard Roberts, Artistic Director, Kelley Theatre)

(Source: Google Images: www.utsa.edu)

Sunday, 12 June 2016, 1500

The Matinee begins at 1500 - please be at the Theatre Box Office/Lobby no later than 1430.
A Board member will collect the money and pass out the tickets.

GAC 1948 Members: 10 €
Non-GAC 1948 Members: 15 €

Let us know if you are a Kelley Theatre Season Ticket holder; your ticket is covered.

After the play, we'll drive to the "Reishaus" in Vaihingen (Industriegebiet). Please state with your reservation if you will be joining us for dinner. (see below)

Driving directions to Kelley Barracks and "Reishaus" pls. see >>


The award-winning Stuttgart Theatre Center has been entertaining audiences for more than 30 years and provides a valuable link in German/American relations and friendship with the participation and involvement of German and other European nationals.
(For more information, go to: http://stuttgart.armymwr.com/europe/stuttgart/programs/stuttgart-theatre-center/)

Non-ID Card Holders, in order to be put on the Kelley Front Gate Access Roster, provide the following: (1) Full name, (2) Passport or Ausweis Number, (3) Nationality, and (4) date of birth - Note: all personal information will only be shared with the appropriate officials.

Dinner is at the "Reishaus", a Chinese Restaurant in Vaihingen, Ernsthaldenstr 43, 70565 Stuttgart, starting at 1800. They have a full à la carte menu and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Because the club must pay up-front, reservations must be received no later than Thursday, 02 June. After this date, anyone who cancels or doesn't show, will be responsible for the full cost of the ticket(s) purchased by the club. Please make your reservations with:

Ann Kathy Reed: Tel. 0711-6019403, email: a.reed@gac1948.de cell: 0176-56526572   - or -
Ralf Faustmann: Tel. 07157-53 66 99 e-mail:r.faustmann@gac1948.de


printable version (PDF)

Willi Frey: Tel. 0711-6583061, email: w.frey@gac1948.de - or-
Kurt Doehrbeck:   email k.doehrbeck@gac1948.de  

and state your dinner choice from the attached menu >>. Please understand, that we have a limit of 30 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis, members (+1 guest) have priority.

In case of any issues on the day of the event, June 18, you can contact Willi via 0160-90418751.


Schedule and useful information:

  • We will meet shortly after 3pm on Saturday, June 18, 2016 in front of the entrance to the reservoir, Hasenbergsteige 51 in Stuttgart [see A on map >>]. The tour starts 3:30pm sharp (doors will be key locked -> sorry, no admission possibility for late comers).
  • We recommend coming by car, since public transportation requires a pretty steep and strenuous 15min foot walk uphill to the reservoir (but in case you want to use public transportation, please see details on www.vvs.de for your personalized schedule and map). There is no designated visitor parking available, so plan on some extra time for parking in this old residential neighbourhood.
  • For security reasons, every visitor has to provide his/her full name and address. Please give us this information when registering for the event.
  • Tour duration is about 2 hours.
  • No food and no smoking on premises, minimum age is 12 years
  • Bring warm clothing: inside temp is about 7°C
  • All visitors are required to wear a one way use protective full body suit over your personal clothing, with additional head and shoe covers (to protect the water from you, not vice versa!). All equipment will be provided free of charge and has to be worn at all times inside the reservoir. Please note: Contamination of the water (i.e. by dropping any kind of personal item into the open water) will result in a 40.000 Euro decontamination process. So please leave your personal items in the visitor center (we are the only visitors, so no worries), and always use extreme caution to make sure that nothing falls into the water.
  • Personal photography o.k, but no pics of the safety and security facilities
  • After the tour we will drive downhill to Marienplatz, about a 5 min trip, to our
    restaurant Madagaskar, Filderstrasse 61, 70180 Stuttgart (located directly at Marienplatz, [see B on map >>]. Parking recommendation is one of the nearby metered parking garages: either Marienplatz 8 below the IBIS hotel; or Kolbstraße 5-7 below the DM shop.

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